Author : Pakzad, Hossein

Coronavirus [COVID-19] and IgA Deficiency:Mini Review Article

Hossein Pakzad; Zahra Sadeghi; Massoud Houshmand; Farzaneh Rahvar

Canadian Journal of Medicine, 2020, Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 13-16
DOI: 10.33844/cjm.2020.60494

Spread of COVID-19 in all of the world caused the warning alert from WHO. It began from China and was the reason of many death through the world since 2019 December. Elders and people with previous diseases such as IgA deficiency [IgAD] are more susceptible to get COVID family. Also, higher level of IgA can combat with infectious disease.

Metastatic Poorly Differentiated Carcinoma of Unknown Primary Site

Zahra Sadeghi; Hossein Pakzad; Hamide Rahmani seraji

Canadian Journal of Medicine, 2020, Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 17-22
DOI: 10.33844/cjm.2020.60495

Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) is a malignant widespread metastatic disease, which primary lesion cannot be identified by exact clinical Inspection. We reported a case of metastases from cancer of unknown primary here. A 58-year-old male presented with abdominal pain, backache, weakness and weight loss. Abdominopelvic sonography of the patient revealed two heterogeneous mass lesions in the right and left of the adrenal region. The primary site of the tumor was not identified According to our evaluation. We performed brain magnetic resonance imaging (CT) for the patient that showed a very large mainly peripheral enhancing mass lesion measuring 48×37 mm in the cerebellum as Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). We did chemotherapy with platinum-based regimens including paclitaxel and carboplatin. In this case, the clinical situation of the patient swiftly deteriorated and unfortunately before doing local treatment for the brain mass we lost our case.