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Every medical student needs a comprehensive resource containing valuable literature on medical science.

One of the best choices to this end is 

Especially in today's learning system, where e-learning has become more functional and prevalent; such resources are a definite need for students.

According to a study in Australia, 1083 undergraduate and postgraduate medical students from two major Australian universities were asked to complete an online survey and tell how frequently they use varieties of resources while studying.

32.3% of the invited students completed the survey and showed that Online or downloaded question banks were the most frequently used resource to revise previous content. For learning new material, they preferred written notes and reading textbooks.

"In addition to the use of traditional learning tools, the majority of students report using a variety of e-learning tools including online teaching videos (92%) and question banks (90.6%)."

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Medical students: what educational resources are they using?


This study is devoted to the pre-COVID19 period. After the COVID-19 spread, the old education and training systems worldwide were discontinued. It caused many changes to the education system, making it essential for educational institutes to accept E-Learning as one of the leading training methods in the post-COVID19 eras.

We have explained more about it in Why should educational institutes accept E-Learning as one of main training methods in the post-COVID19 era?

So, e-learning and online resources may have become even more popular than before.


PubMed's online database makes many citations and abstracts of biomedical literature available free for those who want to explore biomedicine and health fields.