Canadian Institute for Knowledge Development (CIKD) is an independent registered company in Canada, international, multi-disciplinary research, publishing, consulting, and training institute which is one of the most expert institutions of its kind.

It is committed to organizing and developing educational events and conferences in different fields. It also encourages those who wish to participate in academic conferences, and publish in peer-reviewed journals.

CIKD also has in-depth activities related to publishing academic journals and proceedings.  This institute also develops quality business and finance research.  In this field, the institute aims to provide educators, business leaders, and public-sector decision-makers with applied and in-depth research in the fields of business trends in general and economy, finance, information technology, and marketing in particular. The research which is being conducted by CIKD specialists results in certain outcomes which are very helpful for business leaders, state and local government agencies, public and private researchers, industrial organizations, and chambers of commerce.

This institute also holds a series of courses with the highest academic and applied qualification available, especially in the fields of business, economy, finance, marketing, research methods, and information technology.  We plan to provide solutions in our training programs that will allow learners the opportunity to learn how to solve real-world problems and achieve new skills.


Publisher: Canadian Institute For Knowledge Development

Registered in Canada under Incorporation No. BC1126721

General Office Address: 210-128 West Hastings St., Vancouver BC, Canada

Postal Code: V6B1G8