How to Respond to Reviewers’ Comments

Responding to comments by reviewers is very important and an opportunity to convince the reviewers and the editors.

When sending your manuscript for publication to a journal, it will be reviewed, and the reviewers might ask the author to revise some parts or have questions about the content. If you need to know how to respond to the reviewers, read the following:

- When the paper is sent back to be revised, the author will be asked to revise it and respond to the reviewers in an attached file and send it to the editor.

- Regardless of the format of the file, you need to explain the changes you have made. If you have not made any changes the reviewers have asked for; you need to explain why. Then upload the file and the revised paper.

- The editors will read the file and see the changes or read your explanations for no revision.

- In response to the editors, you need to demonstrate that you have carefully read the reviewers' questions.

- Respond to all the questions put forward by the reviewers. There is no need to comment about any grammatical changes or matters of punctuation.

- If you think the reviewers have not understood any part correctly, you need to reason why it is so.

- It would help if you accepted that parts of your article have been vague and need more explanation. Also, explain how your revisions have improved the quality of your paper.