Keywords : COVID-19 pandemic

Italy, China and Turkey are the Top Three Countries in Health Research Publications for the Year 2019-2020: Analysis of One Hundred and Forty Countries (140)

Waseem Hassan; Mehreen Zafar

Canadian Journal of Medicine, 2021, Volume 3, Issue 1, Pages 1-5
DOI: 10.33844/cjm.2021.60497

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has significantly affected every aspect of life such as health, economy, and socio-economic fabric, and research activities. This motivated us to explore the research output of more than 145 countries in health sciences research for 2019-2020. It is noteworthy that research outputs are classified in “health sciences”, health professions, dentistry, medicine, multidisciplinary, nursing and veterinary. Scopus (Elsevier BV Company, USA) was employed for the purpose. The data were independently screened, sorted, and extracted on 26th Dec, 2020. Based on the number of publications and research growth rate, we designed the publication clubs and provided the ranking details in Table 1. if we keep the number of publications to be ten thousand (10,000), it was found that Italy has the highest growth rate (n = 29.92), followed by China (n = 28.27) and Turkey (n=25.36). Regardless of the minimum number of publications, Uzbekistan has the highest growth rate (n = 124.69), followed by Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) (n = 93.55) and Jamaica (n = 68.93). The numerical details about the research progress of more than 140 countries are provided in Table 2. It can be concluded that significant progress can be noticed in health sciences during the COVID-19 pandemic.